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Ready to have a website that WORKS?

With Website in a Box™, you'll have a website that works in a matter of hours!

Website in a Box™ has been tested, engineered, and specifically designed to create sales and conversions for course creators. Yes, really.

This template is designed to help you build your list, sell more courses, direct people to your lead magnets, and increase your sales.

Everything about it is intentional. It is designed from the ground up with YOU in mind!

Everything is entirely customizable and brandable! And it's all on the simplest, most affordable and easy to use platform in the world - Squarespace. We use Squarespace in our own business, and our students do too because it's easy to get a professional look - for less than $12/month!

And the best part? No Photoshop or complicated software required!

We teach you how to use all free apps and programs to create professional graphics in a matter of minutes.

"You have absolutely everything you need to get your site up and running in a matter of hours."

"In Website in a Box™, Megan Minns takes you step by step to create a full website on Squarespace. With her tutorials and resources, you have absolutely everything you need to get your site up and running in a matter of hours. You can already be on Squarespace like me, or start totally fresh. There’s no headache involved, or really any barriers if you know how to use the internet and click around. You’re in good hands with Website in a Box™!

My strategy while using Website in a Box™: watch a little video, pause, do it on my backend, get excited by seeing my progress, and repeat. 

Going through the tutorials while making my website helped me three ways: I felt empowered that I could actually do it, it was easy enough to pick up the exact steps and I needed to take, and ultimately the process was fast enough that I could feel super productive and excited every minute I was building out my site. 

BONUS: It made me really think of what I want to be focusing on in my business; what help or service I want to provide, the content I want to share, and how I can organize it all in my new online space."

- Bev,

Why use Squarespace?

We're totally obsessed with this platform. Here's why:


Drag and drop builder and styling makes it easy to use and professional looking, even if you have no tech or design skills.


Create a low maintenance website (no plugins, no security measures needed) that you can update yourself easily, anytime.


Does everything you need it to right out of the box - meaning you can get your site up FAST even if you aren't tech savvy!

"This gave me so much guidance and clarity."

"Website in a Box™ came in perfect timing with a much needed website re-do. We have 2 websites, one hosted on Wordpress and one posted on Squarespace. I used the Website in a Box™ lessons on both and it made setting up my websites and sales page a breeze. I was really overwhelmed by the idea of redoing our websites and this gave me so much guidance and clarity.

I've already gotten comments from peers that they're so impressed with our websites and shocked that I didn't hire anyone to do them!"

- Sam, and

Want to see Website in a box™ first hand?

To see the site template in action, simple click on the button below and explore the site for yourself.

Click "Visitor Access" and enter the captcha to view the demo site.

You'll see webinar pages, your home page, course pages, and more! It's all customizable too - so you can easily brand it to your own style. 

"I redesigned my site in less than a day!"

Get ready to have a high-converting website that works for you 24/7 - meaning more email subscribers, webinar registrations, and sales!

just an idea

coming soon page

full website

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Sales Page Template

Create sales pages directly on your website that convert like crazy.

You could create a sales page yourself - or you could just use our done-for-you template that is proven to convert and make more sales!

You'll be able to:

  • Add strategic countdown timers
  • Create mock ups and graphics of your products and courses
  • Add testimonials to your page
  • Create a drop-down FAQ section

And more!

You don’t need a finished product to start earning from your idea - but you DO need a badass sales page that gets people to buy!

An Entire Set of Webinar Pages

You'll learn how to create a set of webinar pages in Squarespace that convert like crazy, and look on-brand and styled to match what you're selling. 

This creates an amazing experience for your webinar registrants from the time they sign up and register, to the moment they hit the "buy now!" button!

You will get:

  • Webinar Registration Page templates
  • Webinar Thank Your Page templates with viral sharing built in
  • Live Webinar Pages with the chat box embedded, and high-converting call to action buttons!

You'll have all the pages you need to be successful without paying for extra software like LeadPages, since it's all "under one roof" in your existing website account!

Create professional graphics, the easy way.

Have you ever wondered how people get those nice-looking mock ups of laptops and iPads with their product displayed on them?

Have you tried to create images of you that you can use on a sales page that look amazing?

Do you want those pro-looking circle head shots next to your testimonials?

We have got you covered! You'll be able to create all of those things and more with this template. 

  • Cut yourself out of a background and put a different color behind you
  • Create mock-ups on different devices
  • Easily create circle headshots of your clients and customers

And you won't need Photoshop, expensive software, or any technical skills to do it!

We specifically show you how to use free apps and programs that anyone could use - to keep is easily accessible. 

"I moved it over from WP and I just love my new, simple and clear look! I'm excited that the design is going to work awesomely for me as I add new lead magnets and grow." 

- Andrea,

Website in a Box™ breaks it all down so it’s fool proof.

“Before I redesigned using Website in a Box™, I liked my site but felt like it was super flat and not dynamic at all! Images would only be frame width and it looked so elementary. I love how the sections are full width - it just looks so much more clean and professional! I’d tried this theme before but couldn’t get my head around it. Website in a Box™ breaks it all down so it’s fool proof."

- Luci,

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A blog and a way to easily sell your products and grow your list.


You don't have time or money to waste - you want an affordable way to get your site up FAST.


An amazing looking website - easily and even if you're not a designer. 

Ready to have a website that works?



+ Fully-featured website including Start Here, About, Courses, and other important pages

+ Training on customizing your new site

+ Pro graphics made easy!

Only $147!


+ Fully-featured website including Start Here, About, Courses, and other important pages

+ Training on customizing your new site

+ Pro graphics made easy!

+ Sales Pages template designed to convert

+ Entire set of Webinar Page templates (includes Registration, Thank You, and Live pages with training)

Only $197!


"Thanks for the class - there's NO WAY I would have ever been able to figure all that out on my own. Not in a million years!"

- Elizabeth,

Hi, I'm Megan!

I've been building websites for 15 years, have taught over 2000 students how to use Squarespace, and specialize in helping entrepreneurs create a digital home for their business that they love! 

But I've also seen how easy it is for a website to stop someone from moving forward in their business. They take years to start the business they want because they think it costs thousands of dollars to have the "right" kind of website. Or they have a website, but pay huge amounts of money to designers when they need an update. 

I'm on a mission to prove that you can launch a website that works in just a few hours and without spending thousands of dollars! 


Hi, I’m Mariah! 

In my four years creating and selling online courses I’ve really figured out what works when it comes to having a website that converts. I’m obsessed with conversion and optimization, and that obsession has lead to the creation of the only website template designed for online course creators and infopreneurs who want more email subscribers, more webinar registrations, and more sales!

Most people seem amazed that we’ve been able to build a million dollar business on Squarespace! They’ve been told that you need complicated plug-ins and expensive themes in order to be successful online. We’ve found the opposite to be true: when you have a simple website, that’s easy to use, and has a few key conversion elements - you’re business will be MORE profitable!

Frequently Asked Questions

+ Are there any refunds?

Due to the instant-access nature of this digital template, there are no refunds and all purchases are final.

+ Is there any technical support?

We give you all the information, swipe files, and easy to use training that you need to create a successful website. However purchasing this template does not include any one-on-one technical support, and we cannot provide technical support. We love receiving your feedback and continually update the trainings and material. You will have lifetime access to the template!

+ How will I access the template?

To access Website in a Box™ you will log into a membership site where you can follow along with the lessons and download the swipe graphics and text files.

+ Are the lessons on how to build the website in videos?

Yes! Megan teaches you how to build out the template with video tutorials. Many students have had success by pausing and following along right with her!

+ Can you change background colors, fonts, text colors, etc.?

Yes! With Squarespace, you can change all of the colors, fonts, and styling with ease. We'll also show you how to create your own "pro-level" graphics using only free tools! The entire platform is truly "drag and drop" so customization is easy and fun! :)

+ What's included in Website in a Box™ again?

If you purchase the Complete Bundle, you'll receive instant access to the following trainings and templates:

1. Website in a Box™

  • 11 modules that walk you step-by-step through signing up for Squarespace, building a Coming Soon page, building out each page of the template, customizing your site, creating your own graphics using free tools, and how to launch your website!
  • Copy and paste swipe files and graphics to build out your site FAST.
  • PLUS, there is a bonus module where we break down some advanced Squarespace features, copy-and-paste CSS code, and pro tips to customizing your Squarespace site.

2. Website in a Box: Sales Page™

  • 4 modules that walk you step-by-step through preparing your Squarespace site, building out each section of the sales page, customizing your sales page, and creating your own graphics using free tools!
    * Copy and paste swipe files and graphics to build out your sales page FAST.

3. Website in a Box: Webinar Pages™

  • 5 modules that walk you step-by-step through building out a webinar registration page, a webinar thank you page, and a webinar live page, customizing your webinar pages, ad creating your own graphics using free tools!
  • Copy and paste swipe files and graphics to build out your webinar pages FAST.
  • PLUS, you'll learn how to actually set up your live webinar. I'll show you how to set up your live webinar using only 2 free tools!

+ What's the difference between "Just the Website" and "The Complete Bundle"?

"The Complete Bundle" includes 3 trainings/templates:

  1. Website in a Box™
  2. Website in a Box: Sales Page™
  3. Website in a Box: Webinar Page™.

"Just the Website" includes only 1 training/template:

  1. Website in a Box™.

Website in a Box™ is the foundation of all 3 trainings.

+ I don’t have a course yet, but I sell something (services, coaching, etc) is this for me?

Absolutely. Even though we designed the Website in a Box with course creators in mind, the principles are the same! If you want to grow your list, show off your paid offerings (coaching, consulting, services) in a logical way that leads to sales, and get potential clients and customers to your blog - this website is going to work for you.

+ How technically difficult will this be on a scale from 1-5?

We surveyed our students who have used Website in a Box for their websites. Most of them said that the difficulty was a 1, or a 2 at the most! I’m telling you, we make it dead simple. Click here, do this, copy and paste that - we just walk you through EVERYTHING.


+ Do I have to use Squarespace?

This training was intended for those on Squarespace. Every single lesson is based on doing this within Squarespace. We have, however, had students who have taken the strategy of the template and applied it to their own site on Wordpress, Wix, etc.

+ Do I have to use a certain Squarespace template?

Yes! All Website in a Box™ templates and trainings are based on using the Pacific Squarespace template. I show you how to switch templates if you are not currently on the Pacific template.

+ Why are you obsessed with Squarespace?

  • Drag and drop builder and styling makes it easy to use and professional looking, even if you have no tech or design skills.
  • Create a low maintenance website (no plugins, no security measures needed) that you can update yourself easily, anytime.
  • Does everything you need it to right out of the box - meaning you can get your site up FAST even if you aren't tech savvy!

+ I'm on Wordpress right now, do I really need to switch to Squarespace? And is it hard to migrate?

We are huge Squarespace fans, there is no denying it, but many business owners have found success on Wordpress and enjoy that platform. We're not here to say "Squarespace is the only way" because its not.

The real question you should ask yourself is: What is the best platform for you?

If you're on Wordpress right now, are you enjoying it? Is it easy? Do you know how to make edits and changes to your site yourself?

Or do you have to hire a designer every time you want to make a change?

Are you waiting to add a new product or course to your website because you don't know how to do that or your developer isn't available?

Are you tired of downloading (and buying) plugin after plugin to get the look you want?

Do you spend more time tweaking your website than actually doing the work that makes you money!?

After you've evaluated those questions, you may have a better idea on whether or not you should stay on Wordpress.

If you're looking for Megan's first-hand experience and why she switched from Wordpress to Squarespace (even after building a business designing custom Wordpress websites) you can read about that here.

And as far as migrating goes, it couldn't be easier! We've had studens migrate in a matter of hours. Squarespace has a great tutorial on how to import content from Wordpress right here.

+ Will this teach me how to transfer my site from Wordpress to Squarespace?

No, but Squarespace has a great article on how to do that right here.

+ Do I need to know code or be tech-savvy?

No! Website in a Box™ guides you through step-by-step so it is easy and quick. Building out the template does require some minor CSS but I provide you with the copy and paste code, teach you what it means (so you can customize it later!), and do it all while showing you on my own website. You can follow along with me throughout the entire process!

+ How long will it take me to build out my website?

That depends on how decisive you are and if you're a perfectionist. We have had students sign up for Squarespace and launch their new Squarespace website in 2.5 hours. We've also had students who spent up to a week customizing the design of their website, but they had a coming soon page up and collecting leads (something we show you how to do too!).

+ What systems or technology do I need to have?

All you need to have is a computer device that can access internet. You will be building your website on Squarespace which you can sign up for for $12/a month. Get 10% off by using GIMME10 when you sign up for an annual membership!

Besides Squarespace, you'll be using free web-based tools that I show you how to use to create custom graphics, countdown timers, webinars, and more!